Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.
-Gever Tulley

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My work with kids and families is rooted in child and human development as well as a sound theoretical understanding. I believe that by pausing and thinking together in a creative problem solving way, children and families can heal from past difficulties, find relief from areas of difficulty, grow in self esteem, and thrive in their lives and relationships.

Trusted shoreline therapist David M Meyers, LCSW understands that sometimes we are overwhelmed and find ourselves in maladaptive patterns and strategies. David uses a “whole person” approach to partner with clients to help them build skills, and proactively strengthen their relationships and personal well-being.

If you need a play based coach, trusted advisor, a place to process and learn about “why I do the things I do” I encourage you to contact David for more information.


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