Welcome to my practice.  I provide a range of child and family services.  Please contact me for further details.

Child Play Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Case Management

School Consultation

Divorce Managemnt

Preschool Consultation

Supervised Visitation

Adolescent Therapy


Family Therapy

Family Stabilization

Animal Crisis Response

Animal Assisted Therapy

Courtroom Support


Clinical Services


David offers child, adolescent and family psychotherapy.


Consultative Services

Consulting to schools, Day care centers and corporate communities, David offers training and organizational development.


Center for Conflict Management

A specialized collaborative offering divorce solutions and management.


 Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

My practice includes individual, group, family and  play therapy.  My theoretical framework is from a psychodynamic / object relational / trauma theory approach.  I believe in the importance of the family and community impact upon developing children.  Evaluation and treatment of  children is my primary focus and work with children who have been victimized or are struggling with other psychiatric issues such as depression, anxiety, divorce, social relatedness are often referred for treatment.

Animal Assisted Therapies
Summer is an 8 year old Yellow Labrador who has been coming ot the office since she was a puppy.  She has worked in the office as well as regularly visiting and providing support to area schools.   Additionally Summer is regularly  deployed to local communities when tragedy strikes and has proven to be a support in schools and communities  for the kids and staff alike.

Crisis Response 

Courtroom Support

Offering expertise in child development and mental health, David consults with professionals, early childhood programs, schools and other community services. The range of services includes trainings, in-services, staff and parent consultation, program development, case consultation, testing services and direct clinical observation and service.

School Consultation
Consultation to schools may take the form of in-services, direct clinical observation or intervention, staff training, developmental testing and observation, and program design and implementation, parent forums and discussion groups. Consultation with the program and the director regarding operation, curriculum, classroom layout of the program and system issues in the program.

Early Childhood Program Consultation
Consultation to early childhood programs is offered to early childhood programs and schools who are seeking to provide their director, teachers and parent population with an opportunity to consult regarding a number of areas: • Observation and case discussions regarding students in the program • Staff in services on varied topics ranging from child development, childhood disorders, child abuse and neglect, working with parents, etc. • Consultation with the director regarding operation of the program and system issue. • Availability for parents of children in the program to contact during open office hours.

Professional Supervision
Clinical supervision is offered to clinicians who seek to further their clinical understanding of their caseload and examine themselves as a clinician. Emphasis is placed upon theoretical frameworks of the case as well as reading and formation of cases from differing clinical perspectives. Group supervision is also offered in a presentation and discussion format.

Evaluation Services
David has an expertise in the area of assessment and evaluation . Together with a number of community providers we are able to offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic, evaluative, and therapeutic assessments which includes data collection, direct observation, contact with collaterals, parental interviews, as well as a comprehensive report with recommendations.
Evaluations are for the purpose of making a formal recommendation to parents, the court or DCF or other requesting party.  Often times this evaluation requires formal assessment and opinion making.
In the cases of sexual assault evaluations the evaluation is made in cooperation with the DA’s office and local MDT.  This evaluation is  “forensically sound”  Often times a court must order these evaluations.

Center for Conflict Management/Resolution

 Helping children and families as they navigate the legal system when involved in divorce, mediatation, custody, reunification, abuse or neglect situations
David partners with other legal and clinical providers to offer services to families in this difficult situation.

  • Child Custody Evaluations
  • Extended Forensic Evaluation of children who are suspected of being sexually abused.
  • Co-Parenting Evaluations/ Co-parent coordination
  • Evaluation of early childhood trauma
  • Reunification Evaluation and services
  • Parent Child Interactional
  • Evaluation
  • Therapeutic management of alleged but unsubstantiated sexual abuse

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